About William "Randy" Ward

International 4* event rider William Randall Ward, better known around the shows as “Randy”, was brought up in the business by horse-savvy parents who instilled in him a love for eventing from a very early age. Randy started riding with Olympic Hall of Famer Michael Plumb at the young age of 8, and began competing in earnest at age 12. He then went on to work with and learn from Bruce Davidson for many years and has since spent his lifetime cultivating his abilities both as a rider and trainer. He is accomplished through the advanced levels, and has brought a large number of horses up through the ranks successfully. 

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Randy is currently training, teaching, and competing out of Ocala, Florida. He takes great pleasure in the daily work and commitment that defines eventing, and strives to instill partnership, perseverance, and grit in both his horses and his students.

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